Welcome to Handsome Dicks Records

We are also keen to buy Pop & Rock Memorabilia [autographs, concert posters/ programmes etc]

Guitars & Amps, also CD Collections.

We are happy to come to view all sizes of Record Collections, large or small, with the view to purchase,

and we are happy travel any distance to view your collection.

Rock/ Punk/ Indie/ Blues/ Reggae/Jazz/ Classical, 50's to the present day......anything and everything considered.


We also buy Guitars [Electric, Electric Acoustic and Basses], plus amps.

Older the better, broken or working or for spares....anything and everything considered. 

All purchases paid in cash.

Please email me your details/ phone number and a brief outline of your collection for sale at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All the dates for next years South West Record Fairs 2016 have now been set, so please check out the Record Fair page for full details.

The next fair is in Plymouth on the Saturday 28th May 2016

Followed by a fair at Bristol on the 4th June and then at Exeter on the 2nd July 2016.

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You can also now follow Handsome Dicks Records on Face Book, by liking us on https://www.facebook.com/HandsomeDicksRecords

We have had some nice pieces of vinyl in recently, as well as some great 60' & 70's albums, a large section of singles have come in, and also some nice prog' and blues related albums, as well as some very nice Reggea/ Ska singles and albums, along with a few nice guitars.

A lot [but not all], of what we have bought recently has been added on to our web site in the last week or so, these included: 

  • A very nice selection of 70's concert programmes c/w tickets and music paper gig reviews, in Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Clash and many more
  • A good collection of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Kiss 7" & 12" singles, picture discs and albums
  • A great selection 7" Reggea & Ska singles, on some nice 60/70's labels such as Nu Beat, Doctor Bird, Rio and Down Town
  • A nice collection of The Smiths 12" & LP's, and also other Indie bands inc. Oasis, Joy Division, The Killers, Blur, Artic Monkeys

... plus lots lots more, so watch this web site for more details.

You can now follow Handsome Dicks Records on Face Book, by liking us on https://www.facebook.com/HandsomeDicksRecords

'On A Whim Promotions' presents...


 We have nothing booked in at the moment, but keep watching this space for gigs in 2016